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Our sister company, Envirosport provide a comprehensive maintenance service for all synthetic sports surfaces, whether 2G, 3G or hard surfaces. 

They offer a range of maintenance packages that can be tailored to suit your budget requirements and will assist you to maximise the life of your playing surface.

Our services are professional, using machinery tailored to your surface, and the service is far more flexible and reactive than most.

Although many sports clubs and local authorities are sold maintenance equipment as a package with the surface, this is generally not sufficient is preventing surface compaction. 

Our maintenance programme includes everything from regular brushing and conditioning to deep intensive cleaning and rejuvenation. To ensure maximum performance and longevity of your sports surface, We recommend a regular, tailor-made maintenance programme.


With the many advances in turf design, installation techniques and materials that have come to the market, Envirolawn fields are less maintenance intensive than ever before. However, your Envirolawn field will perform, look and feel better for a longer period of time if a maintenance schedule is taken. In particular, because Envirolawn surfaces rely in part on the sand and rubber infill for a portion of its system shock absorbency, it is critical to maintaining a level, adequately filled fabric that is uniform in density throughout the field. Special attention, then, must be paid to high use areas such as goalmouths, team areas, corner and penalty kick areas, extra point areas, etc. One should periodically inspect these areas for fill displacement and fill thickness and make suitable corrections.

Please look at our Maintenance website for more information

Repair Service

We understand that budget constraints sometimes restrict the option to resurface.  That’s why we offer a comprehensive repair service. From joint repairs, replacement of damaged areas, to refill of sand or rubber. Please call for a site survey to see how we can extend the life of your surface.

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